Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Prayer for Our Country

From the Prayer Book for Jewish Personnel in the Armed Forces of the United States:

God of our fathers, who gives salvation to nations and strength to governments, bless and safeguard our country, the United States of America, and the people who dwell therein.

May brotherly love ever be found among all the citizens of our land. Implant in the hearts of all the people a steadfast purpose to work as one for the safeguarding of freedom, justice, and peace.

Supreme King of kings, protect and help our President. Shield him against all sickness and injury. Grant to him and to all the constituted officers of our government such wisdom and understanding that they may lead our nation in justice and righteousness. In their days and ours may Judah be saved and Israel dwell in safety.

In time of war add:

We beseech You, O God, to shield and protect our armed forces, in the air, on sea, and on land. Bless them with victory. May it be Your will that the dominion of tyranny and cruelty speedily be brought to an end and the kingdom of righteousness be established on earth with liberty and freedom for all mankind. Amen.

This prayer is timeless, and yet seems written for this war.

One of the things it asks for is the implanting in our hearts of a “steadfast purpose to work as one” which is exactly what we need in this critical time. The lack of unity we see in our culture is a bigger weapon than the RPGs and IEDs the insurgents use-- it is delaying victory and causing more Iraqi and American deaths than we’d have if we all worked together for a full and speedy victory. And not having brotherly love has caused divisive and hateful rhetoric to poison our national discourse and sidetrack us from our cause.

And one more thing—this war always has been about more than America. No matter what the conspiracy theorists say, this war’s been about Afghanis, Iraqis, and the whole world. We’re not only fighting for our own interests or freedom, but also for the interests and freedom of ALL. As the prayer says, we are fighting to destroy the dominion of tyranny and cruelty speedily, so that “the kingdom of righteousness be established on earth with liberty and freedom for all mankind.”

Let’s pray for that, and let’s remember it, so that we stay on course and fight the good fight to win.

Lord, grant us success!


Flag Gazer said...

That is a wonderful prayer. Thank you for posting it. I also appreciated your commentary.

Two days ago I attended a memorial service for LCpl Randy Newman, USMC, and the theme of his service was "freedom isn't free." Not for us, not for anyone.

Anonymous said...


Samantha West said...

So important are the meanings in this prayer, and although it is not composed of the exact words I say each night, the meanings are identical.

The power of prayer is enormous; the Marines I write to across the globe, and we're talking about a bunch of Warriors, know that at midnight central time, 9 a.m. in Iraq, that I am saying a prayer for each one of them. It is the one thing they have always thanked me for, and many have said 9 a.m. has a special meaning for them. It feels good to know that my prayers impact them in such a positive way. Such a small thing, prayer, with such great significance, and the power of prayer is a tremendous gift to all mankind, for it can never be taken, from anyone.

Listen to the beauty of the words with liberty and freedom for all mankind as you speak it, just saying the words brings us closer to God and purposeful behavior.

God bless you and your family, and can't wait for your artistry to be posted.


Kris said...


Wi, Bondye konnen. Epi, Li renmen tout sa ki chashe li.

L'ap reponn tou, lè moun priye.

Se sa ki ban mwen fòs ak kouraj.

the artist's wife said...

Thank you for being such a dedicated prayer warrior. As Kris' wife, I can certainly appreciate it. And our children will thank you one day, too, for keeping their daddy and all men in uniform in your prayers.
: ) Kelly Battles

Anonymous said...

Glorifye Bondye!

Flag Gazer said...

You are always in our thoughts and prayers, but especially today!

We are thankful for all you do.

Happy Thanksgiving!